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By E.R. Smith

I always endeavor to be very loyal to my pocket…but while still spending on quality. I travel on public transportation to take me to places that offer better food, services, clothes, etc.  Have you noticed that while visiting areas adjacent to the Bronx…just over the border…there are often better food choices and better prices for them? However there are some gems in the Bronx that can help keep your family healthy.  In Riverdale, on 231 street and Broadway, you have Apple Tree, which offers a large variety of fruits and vegetables packaged for $1.00. The choices aren’t the best looking of the nearly inedible produce that you will find in stores near you.  Where you will see $1.00 packages with fruits and veggies that you would honestly only throw away. The choices at Apple Tree are choice, fresh, and not abnormally large.

Do a small social experiment…visit different neighborhood’s grocery stores and look at what produce is available.  Do a price check by weight for apples, pears, grapes, cherries…for example.  Compare the price per pound, color, and quality.  Question…does my grocery store offer organic fruit?….is the organic produce outrageously expensive compared to the GMO/pesticide covered food?  If so, why not buy in areas that offer the quality of produce we need without the extra expense? Jose is a produce vendor on Fordham Road and Morris Avenue.  You will see boxes upon boxes emptied as he sells out to his many savvy diverse customers. One lady asked him to get fruit with PLU Labels starting with the numbers 9 designating organic produce and to avoid choosing labels beginning with 3 which is said to mean GMO produce.  He promised to keep that in mind when he chooses produce to sell.  He works with you regarding prices so say hi, introduce yourself and begin saving.

Aldi’s on 230th and Broadway is my favorite place to shop. The produce is fresh and affordable.  A lot of organic choices available for a fraction of the price of your local supermarket.  I get the organic milk for $3 versus the nearly $7 I pay at Fine Fair in Parkchester; the organic eggs are less than $5.  Now you will not find the many brand names you love for ketchup and mayo…but I feel like this—so what.  I am saving on so many items that I can afford to get my brand names when they go on sale at my local market.

I’m a Bronxite who loves my village.  Let me know what you see around the Bronx in regard to sales.  Let’s set up a network of knowledge so we can all save.




Author: Liz

An early childhood educator, tip toeing into new realms of possible. Entering into the world of writing; a skill I had hidden in the closet for years. Considers all advice a life lesson so feel free to share your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “BronxBetterBuys”

  1. Hi, I think what you are doing here is Wonderful, very informative, and what people really need to know more about….The quality of the food we are eating now is full of preservatives, chemicals, and things we are unaware of….A Site like this is so needed..Thank You!!!

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  2. I love to shop and save money on fruits and vegetables… I was born and raised in the boogie down Bronx and love the wide selection of prices throughout my neighborhood. However sometimes you have to shop in other neighborhoods and check out there prices… I stumbled upon a great veggie and fruit stand on Gun-hill Road and Jerome avenue. Oh MY Goodness they have packages of Strawberries for one dollar ($1) and plums eight (8) for one dollar ($1) cane-lopes and fresh blueberries only for a buck! when you want low on funds and still want to eat healthy you can try taking a walk or 4 train to save money and catch a great deal at this veggie stand. It is definitely the place to go…. Check it out!

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