A Teachable Moment

Teachable Moment

A Certificate From ORS

By E. R. Smith


For ten weeks in the evenings I along with eight brave souls took part in the Office Readiness Series offered at the New York Public Library.  Remaining relevant for me is essential; and so I trekked to the Parkchester Library and worked on Microsoft Office.  While Word and PowerPoint were just so much creative fun for me.  Excel was not.  Spreadsheets, Vlookups, and pivot tables were akin to geometry in eleventh grade.  I did not score well on the preliminary assessment and I just barely passed the ending assessment.  But do you know it never occurred to me to quit?  My daughter and a classmate’s daughter watched this process unfold for their mothers.  The children’s portion of the library is on the same floor as the classes; so many times I would look up from my laptop to find two pairs of eyes just watching through the door window.  I would hear commentary from the girls afterward on whether or not they observed us paying close enough attention. This was the first time my child commented on my intellect; as she watched me grow she assessed, “Mom, you know you’re very smart.”

This past Thursday my classmates and I celebrated our graduation from this coursework.  I was elated.  Although I hold an MSEd. in Education, this little certificate is dearer to me.  It represents proof that I can learn anything I put my mind to. I am teachable.  I can reinvent myself.   It reaffirms what I tell my child everyday; never give up on yourself.  There are easy A’s and impressive C’s.  Excel was definitely a hard C.  I continue to take as many workshops as I can on Excel so that while I might never master it; it won’t frighten me away.

Next up coding in order to build the blog you’re reading right now and Photoshop…html anyone?

TechConnect NYPL


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An early childhood educator, tip toeing into new realms of possible. Entering into the world of writing; a skill I had hidden in the closet for years. Considers all advice a life lesson so feel free to share your thoughts.

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