short story

CHilDhood: South Bronx 1970’s


By E. R. Smith

The South Bronx experience.  New York circa the 1970’s was my childhood playground.  I played in abandoned buildings with my little brother and friends.  We didn’t know about serial killers; for that matter we didn’t yet know children could die.  Adventure was the name of our day long before Dora the Explorer.  Public transportation was dirty, crowded, and colorful. I saw many a graffiti artist compete for best picture.  I saw them all as artists.  Mattresses were trampolines for the Olympians America has never met.  Even then I thought as I watched my friends flip; where’s the committee that chooses participants for the Olympics?  I want to see my friends win a medal.  Childhood doesn’t understand demographics.  Politics were a mystery.  We were totally poor and never knew it.  Ignorance was all around us and we were blissfully unaware.  Knowing what I know now; I still miss my childhood and wouldn’t change a thing.

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