Anticipation: The Coming New Year

Anticipation: The Coming New Year

By E.R. Smith

I chose to copy this gif because the gift giver is moving. I have always felt that God gives us all intimate gifts that we need. I hold my breathe in anticipation of the new gifts the Creator has for me in the coming year. If I could “shake the box” I would hope for learning more, so that earning more is easy. Will it be good friends eager to share their time, advice, skills—with the same exuberance I have when I share mine? Will it be a new language, so that I can communicate with new folks and create new ventures? Will I effect positive change on the world? Who knows? I await the coming year in anticipation of all that is good, right, and fair.

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Author: Liz

An early childhood educator, tip toeing into new realms of possible. Entering into the world of writing; a skill I had hidden in the closet for years. Considers all advice a life lesson so feel free to share your thoughts.

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