RIP George Michael British Song Writer Trailblazer Legend

“These new guys aren’t blazing trails, the trail was burnt, crusty, and repaved with elevated highways way before you newbies crawled out the crib.”

By E.R. Smith


It’s Christmas, and I just heard the news, I didn’t know what to do but write and ponder.  I searched George Michael up on and rediscovered what I already knew.  He was a bit of a genius.  If you look on the category of songs list; he’d almost written a song for every letter of the alphabet.

My daughter asked, “Who is he?” ; with an indifference to a man whose music made today’s way of too much freedom of lyrics possible.  The eighties crew of Madonna, Boy George, Prince, Michael Jackson, changed the history of music around the world.  They opened up new avenues of open conversation.  Transgender discussions aren’t new.  Women owning and standing up for their sexuality isn’t new.  A generation began, with pointed bras worn sans blouse, makeup on boys, earrings everywhere, and very open talk about sex.  Remember Bobby Brown causing scandals on tour for dancing.  Now, have you had the chance to catch up on the recent videos of Selena Gomez, The Weeknd, and Miley Cyrus?  These new guys aren’t blazing trails, the trail was burnt, crusty, and repaved with elevated highways way before you newbies crawled out the crib.

I will miss you George Michael, you gorgeous, man.  You spinner of words.

I know you all remember more trailblazers…leave their names below.

These are bits and pieces of some of my favorite songs…highlighted are the words that moved me and still do shift me about on the inside.

“Father Figure”  

That’s All I Wanted
Something special, something sacred –
In your eyes
For just one moment
To be bold and naked
At your side

That’s all i wanted
But sometimes love can be mistaken
For a crime
That’sail i wanted
Just to see my baby’s
Blue eyed shine
This time i think that my lover
Understands me
If we have faith in each other
Then we can be

Jesus to a Child

Sadness in my eyes
No one guessed, well no one tried
You smiled at me
Like jesus to a child
Loveless and cold
With your last breath you saved my soul
You smiled at me
Like jesus to a child
And what have i learned
From all these tears
I’ve waited for you all those years
Then just when it began
He took your love away
But i still say

I Want Your Sex Pt. 1

It’s playing on my mind
It’s dancing on my soul
It’s taken so much time
So why don’t you just let me go
I’d really like to try
Oh i’d really love to know
When you tell me you’re gonna regret it
Then i tell you that i love you but you still say no!

I swear i won’t tease you
Won’t tell you no lies
I don’t need no bible
Just look in my eyes
I’ve waited so long


Author: Liz

An early childhood educator, tip toeing into new realms of possible. Entering into the world of writing; a skill I had hidden in the closet for years. Considers all advice a life lesson so feel free to share your thoughts.

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