Retrospective on the Digital World: a Writer’s New Universe

“I’m still a little jealous of those “pretty blogs” with so much filled in space.”

The Bronx Zoo

Retrospective on the Digital World: a Writer’s New Universe

By: E. R. Smith

Just began in 2016, May to be exact.  I find myself growing ever stronger in using my new awareness to construct this blog.  My plans are to learn more code, along with the html I am currently gaining ground in.

The Negatives:  Trying to hold me back

I’m still a little jealous of those with “pretty” blogs with so much filled in space.  I wonder at the code needed to fill in the invisible.  I am annoyed at those who promise advice only to lead me to their business ventures.  Sometimes I pause from writing because of this, my last pause took up the summer.  I don’t want that to happen again.

The Pros:  Shoving me forward

Likes from bloggers who I like too.  It’s so rare when feelings are mutual.  Stats show me that my followers hail from parts of the world I have only dreamt about.  So cool.  India, the UK, and Canada, need to plan vacations soon to these destinations to meet more supportive people. Reading the writing and perspectives from all over the world has been enriching.  A Paternal Soothing of the Soul is my most popular writing so far.  Maybe folks want to hear more on the paternal view when discussing parenting.  I don’t know, but I may add a series for this post.  So we will see.

The Goal:  Moving slowly but surely

I don’t just want to remain relevant to this digital society; I want it under my skin!  I want to be able to create my own How To?  lesson plans for adult learners.  Step by step, hand holding sessions to lead other writers into this new universe.  There are communities of writers like I was.  Afraid to hit Enter on a computer, much less to create with one.  Writing now is creating your own paper, illustrations, ideas, and oh yes, an audience.  Whew that’s a lot, we bloggers now know.  Writing is also following a code’s format in order to breathe a richer life into typed ideas.  Since our ideals are now penned in code, get out the For Dummies books and a highlighter.

Just know this fellow WordPressers, I am with you and not planning on pausing.


Author: Liz

An early childhood educator, tip toeing into new realms of possible. Entering into the world of writing; a skill I had hidden in the closet for years. Considers all advice a life lesson so feel free to share your thoughts.

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