Weights and Measures

                                   ©2016 E.R. Smith All Rights Reserved

I saw the weights and measures in her eyes as she gave a gift to a child,

Slightly holding up a smile, eyes bright

I could see the past pain reflected, seeing shadows of what happened before,

Begrudging happiness to this new being as punishment for an evil past, 

A hurt so deep, not let go

I could see it like vapor binding up her soul in links tighter than chains,

I saw judgement, along with dark history, doomed to repeat,

A planned attack for no reason, a terrorist

Holding extremist views on an innocent,

The weight of past haunts, blinding vision to a new world’s beauty and possibility,

The measure of a man is often in the eyes of the beholder

Unfortunate are those who favor hurt, to be found wanting because of their countenance,

I felt my mind scream, Let go the pain

Aren’t you tired of holding it?

I shook my head silent, knowing I could affect no change on those emotions held so dear,

I know now, “It’s the thought that counts”

Dark thoughts create dark deeds, even when giving a gift to a child.


Author: Liz

An early childhood educator for years, entering into new realms of possible. Sharing what I've come to know and eager to learn what's needed. A life long learner with a heck of a journey ahead.

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