CLEARANCE: A New Look at a Seasonal Word

For the New Year Think Clearance

©2017 E. R. Smith

Well, it’s January folks and we’ve seen this sign everywhere.  I took a seasonal look at what this word means to me and my family.

Clearance in Winter

Time to see what fits and what doesn’t, harder still to give up those things we’ve had for years that we’ve never worn or used.  Dusty, secret, sometimes still shrink wrapped packages; that we think we may use.  Why?  Well, because we bought it.  It’s ok, I know, I am right there with my own separation anxiety.  At home we’ve instituted piles called Keep, Save, and Discuss.  This is a must do for tiny apartment dwellers, but the large home owner may just have more stuff.  It’s all relative.  The Keep pile fits, is in great condition, will be used again.  Save, is a pile of items that are seasonal, like ornaments, heaters, fans; if they work they get to be stored in the closet.  The Discuss pile, was created as an intervention.  Some family members have a difficult time letting go, and so they need intermediaries.  We question, “Why do you need this?”, “Have you used it in the past year?”, “Does it fit/work?”; we get tough, “Exactly how many generations of iPod, iPad, iPhone do you need?!”  We get a bit emotional.  We get over it.  We post on or and get rid of the unnecessary.

Clearance in Spring

Time to spring ahead and double check that all of our hard work keeping things organized is going well.  No piles needed.  Mostly shifting around clothing and getting ready to pack up winter gear.  Might repost items for sale that haven’t found new homes.  Spring is the time people come out from hibernating, so Yay, customers.

Clearance in Summer

Here we follow the steps of Winter Clearance in order to be honest about our summer clothing.  “Does it fit?”, “Look decent?”, “Honor current style trends?” are some examples of summer discourse.  Let’s face it, being frank with yourself can be difficult.

Clearance in Fall

This season involves putting away only the summer clothes and gear we can wear and use again.  While reshuffling we pull out and keep all fall clothing that fits into the afore outlined categories.  We prepare for winter.

You might ask what I do as far as shopping in malls during Clearance Season?  Well, I examine the back of coupons and read Exclusions.  If what our family needs is on the exclusion list, I leave the shops alone.  Obviously stores aren’t taking clearance seriously.  They have large stock rooms to keep stuff stuffed into.  Mostly, I concern myself with my own clearance.


Author: Liz

An early childhood educator for years, entering into new realms of possible. Sharing what I've come to know and eager to learn what's needed. A life long learner with a heck of a journey ahead.

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