short story

Ni Una Menos: A Rally Cry for Women

©2017 E. R. Smith All Rights Reserved

Ni Una Menos is an Argentine feminist movement.

I saw this brave young lady on Good Morning America this morning rapping and tagging  creative, vibrant graffiti in a video with her crew “Dolls Clan”.  I was mesmerized by her word war on violence against women.  Snatched back through time, remembering Queen Latifah’s anthem on women; “Ladies First”.  Words have power, and that power is generated against misogyny.  Rapper Mayki Graff works hard rapping, uplifting, and modeling the power of women; urging an end to femicide that is rampant in Honduras.  In the late eighties Queen Latifah worked to bring women rappers to the forefront in the all male rap game.  Currently in America, music has lost touch with this battle.  Looking back at women in rap videos in the eighties, strong, completely dressed, and speaking on empowerment; I shake my head.  Mayki embodies the old school lady rapper’s use of words to crush opponents.  She and her crew are fully attired, just as their male counterparts would be.  The focus is not on their sexual appeal, but on the intellect.  Smart verbiage to a cool beat that resonants in the air to better shape the minds of the listener.  It’s powerful nurture; gone now from American rap music.  For that matter we have lost female rappers; or are they in hiding?  I want to revisit this ideal in music, smart women, dressed like their mother’s watched them leave the house.  Beautiful quick witted women from everywhere, with beats that serial murder in the club.  I so miss this.  I am not hating on Nicki Minaj, I love her.  However you may feel, she certainly does represent circles in the female community.  Instagram proves this.

Queena Latifah

Maybe Graff and Queen Latifah (circa 1989) represent my circle of ladies.  Who like to be called ladies.  We love men who treat us like people, with a brain above our ample and sensibly uplifted breasts. Yes, we love sex, but we control the who, where, and when.  Yes, we wear lingerie, but at home/hotel with that special bae.  We want to be noticed like Nicki, but with all of our original parts.  Is it nerdy to want to slay Jay Z, 50 cents, Eminem, and Kanye in a battle of prose.  Who knows?  It’s my dream, may not be yours. Thankfully women in my country are allowed to dream just as vividly as anyone wants to.

Shout out loud prayers for Honduran women who suffer violence everyday, and for women everywhere who cry out.  Blessings of protection for women in the war zone who fight with strong words, against bullets and machetes.  Stand united as women for the freedom from assault we should all share.  Music industry take note, Common shouldn’t be the only rapper with a message.  We all have stories to tell, especially little girls who may not think Common reflects their personal issues.  Let those girls rap, try it out, show case them for 5 episodes.  Make a test case for spending mega millions on female rappers who rap for a cause or just because.  Change horrible ideals, by letting us have a turn.  I mean really, what ever happened to ladies first?!



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