Whether The Weather: Shhh!

Gig courtesy of Rebloggy

©2017 E. R. Smith

Whether hours in a day supply pleasure or pain

guard your mien

Some take pleasure in posted pain and follow,

sometimes with a bottle

Weather the climate quakes under  feet

practice deceit

At times,  it’s best to keep ones’ own counsel

silence the mouthful

Whether the weather of  personal space

traps one in a nasty place,

or ones personal weather is quite Kardashian

careful who’s let in

Need not brag, boast, divulge

groupies only gossip indulge

It’s best one shelter in; deal or praise

Whether one’s climate’s  cool,  or weathering  pain


Author: Liz

An early childhood educator for years, entering into new realms of possible. Sharing what I've come to know and eager to learn what's needed. A life long learner with a heck of a journey ahead.

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