short story

Rain Down A Window

E.R.Smith, 2018

Raining steady.

Waiting in donut shop, watching train staircase.

Focused gaze peers through window.

Hoping for a glimpse, but you’re off schedule.

Dark haired siren startles me, resembled you.

Donut shop crowded, rain coming hard.

A couple coming down stairs, looks like us.

Window blurs,  I retreat into mind.

Love  ways we loved, deep,  long,  sweaty.

Hate ways  we fought, deep, long,  vicious.

Want to apologize,  go back, retrace, erase.

Thunder slaps awake, realize it’s too late.

Lighting strikes, clears, I see you with him.

Know why you rescheduled.

There are no time machines.

There is only me, a rainy window,

what could have been.



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