short story

Feathers Rise and Fall

Metamorphosis art poster print by Sheila Wolk

Watched fresh down grow, stale pieces fell.

Feathers coming in silver and white.

Cousin Sara watches from bank.

She awed at my feathers, she has scales.

Yemoja gave us choice to form.

My family chose feathers for two reasons.

Dominion of both sea and land.

Poor choice, we were hunted relentlessly.

Mermaids we are called.

The fall of the feathered gave rise to the scaled.

We are both hunted, sort for our beauty, our blood.

Scales of deep sea; connecting waterways.

Armed song to confuse predators.

They are mute.

Found cousin lifeless, revived her.

Now allies, we war for Earth.

©2018, E.R.Smith

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