short story

Feathers Rise and Fall II

Now changed, I plunge into the deep to hunt.

Cousin joins, we are hungry.

Mother says we must feed to heal, strengthen.

We share great whites, as sailors call them.

Leaving only bone.

Instinct drives, reaching for a home I dreamed.

Mothers’ home.  There I must reclaim.

Other scales surround.  Wonder the colors of feathers.

My form’s human half sports bright plumes.

I am female royalty.  Mother’s mother provided my magic.

Part fairy, part Aziza, part mermaid.

I can fly upon my choosing.

My power surpasses my cousins, they remain distant.

Cousin Sara, relays her tale of woe, and that of my rescue.

She cannot explain my countenance, that history eludes her.

She has rarely left the sea.  I can tell tales of land, air, and sea.

Royal blood calls me close.  ‘Come daughter reclaim your rite’.

I swim, giving wonder to my audience.   Deep below there is light.

This is a hallowed place.  The place of queens.

Cousin Sara is given permission to follow, to give testimony.

Queen Yemoja waits on a throne of wealth.  Beauty of perfect symmetry.

Ebony feathers cover her neck to waist, they bristle, she breathes deep.

Her tail is multifaceted, an octopi’s tentacles merging to a fin.

Her crown provides light to the deep.  Her daughters of blood await.

Daughter of blood’ she calls to my mind “you have returned.’

‘Generations have changed you, we will see if for the best.’

‘We are grateful for your help of our daughter Sara.’

She is from a family of weavers; her skills enrich our kingdom.’

You are of the daughters YeYe.  My mothers’ sisters.

You have been lost.  On land you have changed.

To rule and conquer as you seek, you must first be victorious here.

©2018, E.R.Smith

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