Early Childhood Teacher

Building Boxes and Shapes

©2020 by E. R. Smith

Time to learn about things that go.  This is always an anxiety provoking unit.  This teacher wonders where do I get supplies to build?  I reach out to parents two weeks before unit begins and ask for boxes large and small.  I plead for tubes: toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls, any cylinders received in mailings.  This year a couple of my parents answered my large box prayers.  We were able to build one large car along with an airplane.

STEM or STEAM for me in UPK means showing how one thing can become something else.  Cereal boxes become engines, small plastic bowls transform to head lights, aluminum foil is folded to decorate.  Students assist me on our assembly line in crafting. I model putting together vehicles of land, sea, and air with small shapes….then I let the children go. Shapes of all kinds are provided in the art center. I observe and  listen to the wonder young minds produce.  “Ms. Elizabeth I made two cars and a air balloon!” shares one beautiful mind.  “I made a traffic light, I drawed it with crayons.” shares another.  “I made a airplane, now I put the sun in the sky.” chimes one more.  My classroom represents five English language learners but no one is silent.  Everyone is talking, excited to share their awarenesses.

Our Yellow Room Production:  Car for a Quiet Corner.  Lil Mariya reads in it.


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