Early Childhood Teacher

Bright Minds on Light

©2020 E. R. Smith

When pre k learned about light. We began talking about light from the sky.  We discussed man-made light.  I wondered, “what activities can be planned to make this an exciting learning experience?”  We’d observed the light table made with a large clear plastic bin and  holiday lights.  We always create a shadow puppet theatre; parents were wonderful in donating extra batteries and flash lights. This year I added, create a labeled mural.  Done with large pieces.  Since painting is a great joy for all in Yellow Room; we decided to paint–everything!

We read non fictional texts, we read All About Light By Lisa Trumbauer.  Along with fictional, we read Eric Carle’s  Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me.   Up went the comparison charts.  While working on colorful collages of the sun, there were so many wonderful conversations.  When writing down thoughts of my youngsters on the various projects; I marveled at how much all absorbed.  The children were bursting with their discoveries of the sun, moon, space, our Earth’s relationship with the sun.  Up went the sky, large cut out paintings, sky’s features.  All labeled.  Parents love it.  These new wonders are discussed so confidently by their children.  Most have just started to speak in English this year.

New York weather cooperated quite a bit in late February, stormy, rainy, hot and sunny? I’m thinking thanks winter for giving us so much to talk about.

Now on to the next unit.

Comparison Chart and Some of Our Enthusiastic Painters




Feature Board Of Moon Paintings, Sun Collages and Light Bulb Craft


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