Early Childhood Teacher

Facing Your Virtual Teaching Fears

©2020E. R. Smith

I was so worried about teaching my little ones using Zoom and Google Meets.  As one not big on being photographed, there’s worry as to judgement.  I had to get over it and fast!  Pulling up my big girl drawers and meeting this new challenge then became invigorating. The observer in me wanted to see what would happen, so we began.   I realized the Zoom meeting for four year olds means show and tell.  Excited little faces running back and forth showing their toys.  Showing me handstands.  Not one focused being.  This isn’t Yellow Room with Ms. Elizabeth and a group.  This is me at home with mom and dad; watching to see what Ms. Elizabeth will do.  So I made Zoom meetings a checkin.  We talk about our feelings twice a week, we show a special toy, we are reassured that all is well.  I also FaceTime individually with families to address individual concerns.  I email packets for letter and number practice.  I film two lesson’s a week for parents to work on at home.  The goal isn’t to overwhelm them.  Most parents then post pictures and videos of projects they’ve completed at home on ClassTag.  Parents need so much support to ease their concerns of what their child needs to know.  They are surprised by the universal pre-k curriculum.  My filmed videos act as a guide.  Assuring them that there is no wrong.  Explaining that projects are gentle ways of being exposed to the mandates yet to come in their educational journey.  I hope by posting this more early childhood teachers will share their journey into the new realm of education.

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