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I am an educator seeking respect.  Just started a new position in Pre-k.  I am a consumer looking for the best deal for my pocket.  Hoping to share how being loyal to my finances works for me.  I am a mom searching NYC for fun affordable activities in and around the this very expensive city.  I am innovative and looking for healthier alternatives to prescription drugs.  I am a life-long learner who finds the best avenues in which to increase my education.  I am currently working on learning coding at the New York Public Library.  I am growing and noticing everyday;  will share all of this with you.

Totally loving the WordPress challenges.  They’re the best, giving options for honing skills in poetry, haiku, tanka, and 100 word stories, for some examples.  Positively basking in the new opportunities to stretch skills.  Welcoming all critics, to help me grow and glow.

Raising a middle schooler and adding her touch of wisdom to my pieces.  So get ready for our take on anime, music, books, and style.  Working on a book based on past memories. Forming the characters now; be on the look out for short pieces based on Joey, Mary, Migdalia, and big sister.


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HoponHope my site for new visions.





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