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Remember when we found that imperfect spot by the trees;

with the hive of bees?

Immature happy to be away from the crowd;

they are way too loud.

Warped were we; thinking crowds missed our plans.

Looking sketchy, holding hands.

Intimate plans turned to dud,

little brother threw a rock with a thud!

Angry bees shamed us away, their secrets for birds alone.

That imperfect spot by the trees, began a love still known.

©2017 E. R. Smith



#Write Photo: Soul Inside Out

Furious rage pushed soul out seeking solace elsewhere

Lost, looking through past for weapons to bring self back

Blackout memories become illuminated with prayer

As faith rises, ancestors are released for support

Found the soul wandering in a pool of doubt

God demanded reentry, the ecclesiastical court

Eased is the fury that tortured the soul

Put out by pure belief in a destined path

Wondrous is God’s power of decontrol

©2017 E. R.Smith









Pondering Playtime

©2017 E.R. Smith All Rights Reserved


Giggling ’til urine strained bladder

Running after breathlessness

Jumping on elastic joints

Bravely climbing on and over obstacles

Face to face time with friends

Fearlessly facing the world

Wishing wistful for playtime


#WritePhoto Horizon

©2017 E. R. Smith All Rights Reserved


Strap on your good bra with the rising of the sun

and your big girl knickers, too

ignore clueless judgmental others

make the day about you

Isn’t it time imagination rose to the study of self

pack a healthy lunch and snack

focus on building that wealth

Sign up for the extracurricular

new languages spelled with acronyms

pay attention, hone new skills, be your life’s contributor

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Accessible Entrance: Education for All

©2016 E.R. Smith All Rights Reserved


I took this picture at the back entrance of MS 127.  It got me thinking about schools and the accessibility of a quality education.


I took this picture of a sign nailed to the side entrance of Middle School 127 in the Bronx.  I wonder.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a free quality education were available for all from pre-k to doctorate?!  Quality meaning all schools would have science labs, a gymnasium, computer labs, ramps, elevators, sports, music; you know, just like the ones kids see on television.  Those with small class sizes of no more than fifteen scholars.  If all demographics were equal in educational opportunity and amenity…wouldn’t that truly be an accessible entrance?  I know this is more of a sign than a name, but  this sign names that particular entrance.  It just got me to thinking.