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Girls can’t get along, women gossip more than men, never work for a women; just some notorious lies.

Some truths:  men in a group will flex to see who is alpha, visit a barbershop to hear hot topics; the best most vicious chat ever.  Ask female employees at FOX Television how they feel about their ever so masculine bosses.

©2017 E. R. Smith



©2017 E. R. Smith All Rights Reserved


Basic instinct has kicked into overdrive.

The short hairs on my neck rise in warning,

skin is goose bumped.

Cardiac rhythm is off and too fast…

Who will claim the prize?


I’ve won.

You’ve got to be a hunter when shopping for clearance.



February: Affirming a Smart Legacy

©2017 E. R. Smith All Rights Reserved


Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, born and raised in Puerto Rico and grew to prove that African Americans and African Carribeans have a history, a relevance, and have unleashed countless contributions to their adoptive societies. A great collector of historical documents. Established the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York.
Soldiering, spying, and slave resistance in a time without technology. A wonder.


In our early history there was no Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn;

Facebook was church.

Social media was all religions and therein movements grew; after decades became televised.

Tweets; kept everyone off the city bus one year.

Instant Message; was the Jim Crow signs in our neighborhoods.

Ping back by reminding everybody; “What preacher said Sunday?”


LinkedIn was a community barber; or hair salon.

eHarmony was socials, bible study, and family picnics.

What is now thought of as soft, old, corny; schooled the toughest and most tenacious fighters.

Call it dull and nerdy; call it any acronym you choose; but bulld a bright future with the memory of it.

Remember the time when Facebook Friends were right next to one another; marching.

FaceTime was marriage, family; Loving yet not always legal.

Writing missions and directives on quilts; texting.

Beating out rebellion on drums;  code for that tech savvy.

Singing spirituals:  memorizing, devising.

We’ve always been Smart, way before electricity;                                                                remember our legacy.

Civil rights activist battled for voter registration, social justice, the end to segregation in higher education.
Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to follow Jim Crow rules. Resistance begins a boycott to teach city bus companies some manners.