Just a UPK Teacher

©2018 E. R. Smith

Learning loads this year with UPK …

Mr. Tushey our class mascot visited all of yellow room’s students and he shared stories of his adventures written in journal by parents.  Excellent team builder activity.

©2017 E. R. Smith

A New York City’s Early Childhood Educator’s Portfolio; showcases some of the best work in my classroom.  My work never gets old, since I work with the young.






Time never passes by, my circle welcomes me into the loop.  

Everyone has the chance to grab a glove and explore.
Observation discussions are charted in real time.
Some watch from sidelines.
Creating a habitat.


Discovering Snails
Demonstrating how to draw a diagram.
Student generated lesson on snails.
Shared writing.

















Author: Liz

An early childhood educator for years, entering into new realms of possible. Sharing what I've come to know and eager to learn what's needed. A life long learner with a heck of a journey ahead.

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