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Day Dreams Made Real

jigsaw bits cluster

configurations appear

sweet dreams concrete grasped 

awake achieve hard won prize

now  move forward champion

©2017 E.R. Smith



#Write Photo: Soul Inside Out

Furious rage pushed soul out seeking solace elsewhere

Lost, looking through past for weapons to bring self back

Blackout memories become illuminated with prayer

As faith rises, ancestors are released for support

Found the soul wandering in a pool of doubt

God demanded reentry, the ecclesiastical court

Eased is the fury that tortured the soul

Put out by pure belief in a destined path

Wondrous is God’s power of decontrol

©2017 E. R.Smith










©2017 E. R. Smith

Met my ancestors on the road

translucent electricity beings

They reached down to till the soil

pulled roots from the start of their being

Smelled the wet, fertile soil as they nodded at me

Now you see, now you see

Yearly till the soil that is your being

Go down deep, beyond past seeing

Keep unearthing  your clay

Routinely cultivate you, new, starting today





Be grateful to those who abandon you in your hour of darkness; their betrayal will lead you to the light. God will prepare better relationships for you; that are encouraging, collaborative, and soothing for the soul. When your darkness diminishes, you will be certain of who your true friends are. ©2017 E. R. Smith

God's spirit

Immerse and Heal

©2017 E. R. Smith All Rights Reserved

Picture courtesy of The Telegraph


Incense the sage bush

Man give homage

My Lord, I am grateful!

Evil is banished,  with His breath

Refreshing the baptismal promise, tightening God’s reign

Soak in herbal baths, hierba buena, albahaca, cascarilla, agua bendita

Engage mind, body, and soul in worship