Crack Down My Spine

2018 E.R. Smith

Crack down my spine

Rebuild, redesign, replenish

Universe renew the sinew

Refabricate all connection align

Blood of God pour, nourish

Ancestors witness venue

Show the rocky path divine

Shine the edges, fear banish

For the faithful a world anew


Sign of Faith

©2017 E. R. Smith

Signum crucis I call the Father unto me

Lord I know it’s just a turbulent sea

Signation comforts me deep

Long breath in, now I can sleep

Dreams, shadowed, stars were once there

Faith, the trust that clears the air

Be grateful to those who abandon you in your hour of darkness; their betrayal will lead you to the light. God will prepare better relationships for you; that are encouraging, collaborative, and soothing for the soul. When your darkness diminishes, you will be certain of who your true friends are. ©2017 E. R. Smith

God's spirit