mad graffiti



E. R. Smith, 2018

Throwed up the sour crux of the matter

Call me vandal, huh? Where’s your plan for me?

Infrastructure F–Ked up since my pop’s feet pattered

Demographics show me last on the list….maybe, we’ll see..


This battered wall, reminds of  vivid existence

Slapped woke, retaliating for unprovoked focused pain

This passive palette, path of least resistance

Styling a marching movement, more than for ihe slain


World  peep gifts possible in all!  Nourish satiate the multitudes

Burning bombs on the wall bleed, crimes of exclusion

Artists fists lash out; violent pigments glow, unchecked attitudes

Opportunities for the red blood born,  won’t suffer occlusion





On the Birth of This Day

E.R. Smith 2018

Crack the Dawn shows me a mosaic

Almost a tapestry, the edges fray with light dust

A symphony of a life lived, striving strong, algebraic

Dense thick stubborn reaching fibers

Indomitable pattern; organic thread follows ancients

Linking from past weaving designers

Etching an art for present time; keeping relevant

Intricate paths sewn; with no apology

Dawn’ brings a bright appreciating testament

Whether The Weather: Shhh!

Gig courtesy of Rebloggy

©2017 E. R. Smith

Whether hours in a day supply pleasure or pain

guard your mien

Some take pleasure in posted pain and follow,

sometimes with a bottle

Weather the climate quakes under  feet

practice deceit

At times,  it’s best to keep ones’ own counsel

silence the mouthful

Whether the weather of  personal space

traps one in a nasty place,

or ones personal weather is quite Kardashian

careful who’s let in

Need not brag, boast, divulge

groupies only gossip indulge

It’s best one shelter in; deal or praise

Whether one’s climate’s  cool,  or weathering  pain

Zip it?

Curious young girl, wondering, staring, on the train

What’s the big mystery?

Should I peek and finally find out?

Ohhh.  Hmmm.

Hearing mother’s voice.

She leans forward to tap a passenger.

Whispers, excuse me sir, your fly is open.

©2017 E. R. Smith

Immerse and Heal

“Refreshing the baptismal promise, tightening God’s reign”

©2017 E. R. Smith All Rights Reserved

Picture courtesy of The Telegraph

©2017 E. R. Smith“>Immerse

Incense the sage bush

Man give homage

My Lord, I am grateful!

Evil is banished,  with His breath

Refreshing the baptismal promise, tightening God’s reign

Soak in herbal baths, hierba buena, albahaca, cascarilla, agua bendita

Engage mind, body, and soul in worship

Women Who Live Vivid Lives

© 2017 E. R. Smith All Rights Reserved


Live a life so vivid its illumination shines lights on generations yet to come.”

-E. R. Smith

Celebrate women’s history month.  Remembering Maya Angelou