Haiku Kids in a Pool

pool, cool, day fire hot
splash, lash whip water, hand stand
wish i was a fish

E.R. Smith, 2018pool


Fallen From That Place

E. R. Smith, 2018

Watching me sly from places on high was how you wooed me

So wet was I from being your idol; I idolized the feel

Encouraged by your selection of choice friends and family

In an oasis all our own, I allowed you to isolate me

Beguiled by your smile, style, and mystical ways

Making me all about you, strayed from my circle for days

A fist knocked out my haze, and eyes adjusted to the darkness

Dark, decadent, illusion became my circle, tight harness

Years later I lie awake, still planning my escape

Like a prisoner of war with no comrades; red tape

Our children grounds to stay grounded, deflated

Afraid to move forward; to rebuild a spirit incarcerated

When Eyes Wander Around My Corners

E. R. Smith,  2018

Wonder about those eyes curling around me,

as I lick my treat,

Orbs sailing all about me, weighing hide,

scaling seat,

Want to whisper of my afternoon, loving,

splayed laid rough

Pressure buildup, squeezed, long way past


Upraised eyebrows assess my calves, amused wonder,

Oh if only I were interested to share their world of  plunder?

Sigh, eyes roll, my soul, should I testify?!

Rally against ignorance, fatal misjudgements, apprize?

Lay bare all facts, artifacts, demonstrate false surmise

But to lift these lids, No!

Ignorance deserves no prize.



Fresh Squeezed

E.R. Smith, 2018

Assaulted by youngsters in backpacks.

Backing in to unaccomodating spaces

Parents, glaring staring, shut your yap

Say nothing to my young, I’ll kill your village,

Don’t dare groom mine, they’re not fresh!

Polite is un-relevant, we’re here to pillage

Sharpened elbows at my sides, as you swipe

Focused squeezing, communicating with dark net

Grey heads shake at brute, who continues to type

Transit,  precarious microcosm of disdain

Populace on edge, shoving humanity

Bus and Train rumbles as brains drain

The Root of Wisdom: A Tanka

Picture from pinterest.com.

©2017 E. R. Smith

pray, work, clean, love, truth

elders educate the young

fierce, hard, well, deep, tough

adjectives add to the first

blood roots,  wise ancient beings

Turn Down The Noise

©2017 E. R. Smith

Turn down the noise seeking focus

I can’t play night owl

Volume shakes the floor beneath

I just can’t allow

Commotion crowds my soul,

with dimensions of bulletins unequal

I just can’t snatch my goal,

life can be a sequel

Assaulting my pillow, dominating space

Elbow, flip, lie on my belly

Note, to, self:   to keep self ace

Turn off the damn telly