Mommy, What is Love?

My girl know love isn’t painful

Doesn’t hurt to the touch like a bruise

Just know love isn’t shameful

Doesn’t need a mask or a ruse

Know love is a gift that shares

Gives with both hands open, no fists

Love trusts, allows growth, happy tears

Allow nothing less in your midst

©2017 E. R. Smith


Makes Me Wanna Howl!

“Bennette, now you be a good boy and take care of the house while we run a quick errand.”  “You’ll just be all squished up in the car with baby Joey and the new puppy; now that wouldn’t be fun would it?”

I just stared and held my tongue and tail; people always do say how kids change the relationship.  You just stop putting effort into doing things together.  Eventually someone gets put out.

©2017 E. R. Smith

Swarm on Your Body

“No, I’m not one’s wife.but …oh, I love my life!”

©2017 E. R. Smith All Rights Reserved

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Bugged eyed creatures, hungry for the prize

offer easy meetings in their hives

Teasing and prancing antennae sending signals

on the lookout, in a frenzy as they mingle

Swarm on your body with alien limbs

poisoning all of you with access within

Eyes now sorry can’t see deeper than skin

where’s the repellent to protect from this sin

Carcass dry, lost splendor and trappings

mesmerized prey lays stripped of all wrappings


©2017 E.R. Smith All Rights Reserved

Spring into Renewal

Spring into renewal; leap with the force of your being

gather the wisdom of the ages, change the tired of seeing

Bound to depths of wells holding past imaginings; dreams woven in youth

trash the rubbish, ignore doubters, showcase your own truth

Vault on a new path, gutsy, fearless, and free; reinvent

follow spring season’s newborn feet, keep the soul relevant

The Life and Times of Love

©2017 E. R. Smith All Rights Reserved

Radha the Goddess of Love


Love was born with space and time

Fire forged, spiritually divine

Love resides behind eyes, focuses gaze

Assuring, always

Love holds on until the tear of tides released

Until requited knows no peace

Love sees no infirmity, wrinkle, lines

When winds grow cold love pines

Love is strongest when challenged by death

Battles relentlessly until ousting its breath

So Love is forever, sees all possibility

Of expanding itself into infinity

Loving rare lovers hard to find

More than skin to skin intertwined

Love as a deity has a legion of names

Infinitely revered, in all cultures claimed

In the Coming Year, Listen Louder Than the Words

“Warning, pretty is as pretty does.”

Louder Than Words

                                               By E. R. Smith

In the coming year you may need to take a better look at words in action,

Listen to what’s being said to you, yeah, but watch those actions,

They speak louder than words,

People love to use words, because aren’t they pretty things,

Warning, pretty is as pretty does

People often move words around in their mouths to see how it feels, 

No intention of breathing life into anything they say,

Everyone loves a sound bite,  15 minutes of fame,

Words have power, strong orators have the strength of an industrial magnet,

How people follow through on their uttering gives a bigger picture on how their mind perceives,

Avoid being the correspondent, taking in the noise,

Note that if the words you last heard are followed by “I forgot”,

You are forgettable,

Note that if the words you last heard are followed by “I’ll see”,

You and your wants are invisible,

Note that if the words you last heard are followed by “Time got away from me”,

No time was allotted for you,

Note that if the followup call you make  is sent to voice mail,

You have your answer.

I heard people aren’t mean, they’re just polite liars,

Ok then,

In your next meetings, listen louder than words.