E. R. Smith 2018

A movement is spreading that’s allowing teachers a platform to discuss the oldest profession, teaching. Teachers have said nothing, or have been ignored, as torrents of disrespect have ravaged their calling for decades.  Recent remarks have added a new consideration for an already hefty checklist of things to do.  Bearing arms.  Teachers who frequently stretch pay checks to support the schools that house their students have had enough.  Finally, thank you, because now I’m sure it’s not just me and my downtrodden circle.  Here’s my addition to the move, to ask our world what educators regardless of demographic would like to be equipped, supplied, and outfitted with.


Smaller Class Size

Funding for STEM

Funding for Class Supplies

Funding for Field Trips

Funding for After school Programs

Funding regardless of demographic

Respect for our profession

Pass it ON…