Haiku Hits That

lights low, spank smash shag

snatch hair back and pull, remind

we are not dead yet

E.R.Smith, 2018


Muscle Memory

E. Rodriguez Smith, 2018

Holding on, intertwined minds

Kismet, centuries of contact

Muscle memory tells the tale divine

You were always mine, throughout time

We fought and sought one another

Our flesh assaults as it rediscovers

The joy of our sex is timeless

No cure for this like a virus

Explosions leave us floating…universe

This heated fog,  heal, soothe, reimburse

Sinew called you to me and we came

Wonder where our lives will be as we meet again

Color My Summer

Image from Sunbelz.com

©2017 E. R. Smith All Rights Reserved

Sun blurry bright sight

Summer skin cooks waves of heat

Attracting magnet

Forged, color of ancient clay

Pulling countless carnal picks