Feelings of Fear

©2017 E. R. Smith

A block of ice lays the head

Bites into the brain

Crams darkness like lead

Drives one insane

Evil is this blatant insanity

Fear the power consuming

Grave the battle, calamity

Heart-felt power dooming

Icy prickles spread down spine

Just in time to catch doubt

Killing hope of life divine

Leaving  bitter drought

My soul glistens when vaporized

Numb tears shed  its loss

Owning a head beaten traumatized

Phantom unseen touches toss

Quiet mind down and determine

Really, is it there?

Sane is it,  to house this vermin?

Tear now at angst’s snare

Unseat it from the crown

Visualize strength inside

Will Force to beat it sound

X-Gen worries easing stride

Years of prayers  Mighty pound

Zen reached  Love drowned sigh





Wildly Domesticated

©2017 E. R. Smith

Dance the table rings

native natural moves heat

pump grind wind down aisle

pull view from past dirty deeds

stare at tame and housebroken


Whether The Weather: Shhh!

Gig courtesy of Rebloggy

©2017 E. R. Smith

Whether hours in a day supply pleasure or pain

guard your mien

Some take pleasure in posted pain and follow,

sometimes with a bottle

Weather the climate quakes under  feet

practice deceit

At times,  it’s best to keep ones’ own counsel

silence the mouthful

Whether the weather of  personal space

traps one in a nasty place,

or ones personal weather is quite Kardashian

careful who’s let in

Need not brag, boast, divulge

groupies only gossip indulge

It’s best one shelter in; deal or praise

Whether one’s climate’s  cool,  or weathering  pain


Please Tease Me

massage pull tug thrill

tease prickles from head to toe

please put sense to sleep

©2017 E. R. Smith


Clean and Sharp Tanka

paste stubbornly stuck

rip away reveal the new

clean, apply pigment

no sentiment, lose it all

sharp construct blooms, settles soul

©2017 E. R. Smith



©2017 E. R. Smith All Rights Reserved

Basic instinct  has kicked into overdrive.

The short hairs on my neck rise in warning,

skin is goose bumped.

Cardiac rhythm is off and too fast…

Who will claim the prize?


I’ve won.

You’ve got to be a hunter when shopping for clearance.



©2017 E. R. Smith All Rights Reserved


As my light changes with the horizon:

There will be no dawning of a new face

no 90210 actor, with Nip Tuck deface

want to be recognized for Dirty Dancing

 decades past, memory lasting

as years paint locks Fifty Shades of Gray

I’ll  be working the whip, silver fox hunting prey.